2010        Colaborates, since 2005, as architect in differents arquitecture

                studios in Barcelona

2008        Seminary ´Intermediate cities and landscapes´ · redIALA ·

                Lleida, Spain

2006        Post-graduation ´Barcelona Architecture Course’ ·

                Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

2006        Incorporates as partner the NGO redIALA · www.rediala.org

               ‘Architectural Research for Latin América’

2006        Master in ‘Arquitecture, Art and ephemeral spaces‘        

               · posgraduation:

               ‘Museum and exhibition design‘ and            

               ‘Events and scenics concepts´

               · dissertation: ‘Arquitecture as scenographic space in cinema and video’

                Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya · UPC, Barcelona

2006        Spanish Art History course · Universitat de Barcelona · UB, Spain

2004        Own architecture office Quitanda Arquitetura, Brasília, Brazil

2003        Arquitect and City planner · Universidade de Brasília . UnB

2001        Winterkurs DAAD - Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany

1997        Studies one semester of Psycology

1994        Teaches Classical Ballet for five years

1978        Was born in Brasília, Brazil

photo: Joana França

Prisca Odermatt